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"Your Journey Doesn't End Here. Your memory lives on in our hearts and minds. Always."

- J4C

Richard "Ric" Barker

Richard "Ric" Barker


Life is meant to be lived large and that’s exactly how he left us!

Saturday November 12th, 2022, Richard “Ric” Barker, at the ripe old age of 67, sailed his final voyage into the sunset on Lake Theresa behind his home in Deltona, Florida.

Ric leaves behind his longtime loving companion, Barbara Ash. We are not sure how she put up with him for so long, but she says she’s really going to miss his loudmouth. His two “claimed” sons Jamie and Shon Barker, couldn’t agree more. As for any potential Barkers, you have unfortunately missed out on the chance to sort through the box of rusty tools and old nudie magazines Ric left behind.

In his final attempt at a smoking hot body, Ric asked to be cremated and then scattered at the beach so he can forever be surrounded by babes in bikinis. He will forever be remembered as the dirty old man.

Family and friends are asked to celebrate his life in their own way; telling a “he wasn’t so bad” or “what an ass” story of their choosing. Boiled peanuts and a beverage of your choice should be a part of any celebration.

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