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"Your Journey Doesn't End Here. Your memory lives on in our hearts and minds. Always."

- J4C

Kathy Ann (Clement) Ebding

Kathy Ann (Clement) Ebding


Kathy Ann (Clement) Ebding, age 68 of Palm Coast, FL., died of progressive Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), on November 30, 2023, at home with her soulmate by her side to help whisper her off on her next eternal journey. Kathy was born in Georgetown Hospital in DC and was a daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Godmother, Grandmother, Friend, and Caregiver. Most of all she was one of the best Human Beings around. She had a consummate affection for helping others no matter the cost for herself. She gave - many times when she had very little to give and did it with a huge loving smile on her face. You can't have known Kathy and not have many fond, cherished memories of her. Most of all, she lived every day of her life as if it was her last. She traveled the world and experience it in way most people could only watch in the movies. From Hitch Hiking across the Country on her own, to joining the military, to living on a houseboat... but we would agree her two favorite passions are Gardening and Art. The way she can pull thoughts or ideas from her mind and create a piece of work (usually stained glass) that could simply cause a person to tear up or by the way she could take a simple cutting and turn it into literal piece of the Garden of Eden with each and every plant in it having their own name. Besides beauty and grace, Kat's ultimate goal was to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Marty often called her, "his little hummingbird." In addition to Kathy's remarkable journey and her impact on the lives of those around her, we also pay tribute to her dedicated service to our country as a proud member of the United States Army. Her commitment to duty and honor, demonstrated during her military service, exemplified her deep sense of patriotism. Furthermore, Kathy extended her passion for nurturing and preserving life to her service with the Volusia County Environmental Division, where she played a vital role in safeguarding the natural beauty she so dearly cherished. There is so much more that each and every one of you have a memory of. We would love for you to share those memories with us in the comment section below.

Kathy had a second chance at true love when she met (in her words) her Soul Mate, Marty Ebding. They met at a comedy club in Richmond, VA and I believe they both knew instantly that they were the missing piece to the others puzzle in life. Their friendship was quickly engulfed by a true love that most people can only dream about and together they began their amazing adventure through life.

Kathy was preceded in death by her mother, Kathleen A. Clement, Father, Paul Steven Clement, and Brother, David John Clement. She is survived by her Husband Marty Ebding, Sister, Judy Bowie, Sister, Christine Hogsett, and Brother Steve Clement. She is also survived by many Grandchildren, Nieces, and Nephews.

Kathy was fortunate enough to have a Celebration of life weeks before her passing where she was able to see so many loved ones throughout all stages of her life and say her "Goodbyes." There will be no final funeral or viewing, just fond memories of the wonderfully amazing life she lived. She will be cremated and patiently wait for her soul mate to join her then both of their ashes will be set free in their favorite place on Earth, the High Seas.

Please take a second to share a thought in the guest book and continue to come back through the years so Kathy's memory will never be forgotten.

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